Self Helpless is an indie comedy with grandes cojones. Its crass humor, despicable characters and refreshingly ridiculous story tow the line between hilarity and just plain wrong.
Self Helpless forces its audience to reconsider how badass true independent film can be.

Simon, John Candy, Felix, and The Drake are assholes. They are stupid, scheming, self-regarding dudes who are convinced of their own greatness. They are also convinced that they can fix their pathetic lives with self-help books. Unfortunately for the guys, self-help is not moron-proof. The foursome's idiotic attempts at bettering themselves lead to lost jobs, poorly timed acid trips, and incarceration. Due to a gross mistranslation of a Mexican website, the guys become convinced that they must travel to Mexico to find an all-knowing guru named Don Rodrigo. On the road to enlightenment the group runs into drugs, guns, gangsters, hot Mexican babes and lots of tequila.

Self Helpless was shot on location in Mexico and Vermont. The movie features an eclectic cast of Mexican and American supporting actors, as well as a hilarious cameo appearance by hip hop star Devin the Dude. A twisted sense of humor, a star studded soundtrack, and some truly miraculous independent filmmaking combine to create a moving picture that has the entertainment value of a big studio comedy and the quirky feel of an indie. This makes it nearly impossible to believe that
Self Helpless was made for under ten thousand dollars. If you are a fan of comedy,
true independent film, or just a lover of people farting in other people's drinks, then
Self Helpless is a must see for you.