"a charming, low brow slacker-buddies comedy."
- Angelo Bell

"...The future of film?!?"
- Jon Reiss

"...so over the top that it goes from unfunny back to funny again."
- roguecinema.com

"...a fast-paced narrative, a rocking soundtrack, and plenty of self-deprecating, sicko-stoner humor."
- Seven Days

"...four men doing manly things like farting and shitting and trying to have sex with lots of hot women and masturbating and referring to vaginas as 'hatchet wounds.'"
- The Hartford Advocate

"It's nice to see Hartford's only adult-movie theater branching out to more eclectic fare."
- The California Chronicle

"...hot babes in a bar and some farting."
- Blurt

"...ultra-resourceful couch surfers."
- The Vermont Cynic

"The makers of "Self Helpless" sure know how to sell a movie."
- The Burlington Free Press